Offer sheet made by the Canadiens to Martin Necas? Last-minute development

Elias Edmonson
June 26, 2024  (3:53 PM)

Photo of Martin Necas
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Unless there is a sudden change in the situation, Martin Necas will not agree to the terms of a new contract with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Everything indicates that he will be traded soon, but the price demanded by the Carolina team seems to be very high.
The price seems so unreasonable that some league GMs are looking at other options to acquire the Czech player.
As Pierre LeBrun mentions, the solution could be as drastic as a offer sheet.
«Offer sheet are quite rare, but one thing I've heard a bit this week regarding Martin Necas is that a few teams are wondering if it's a plausible avenue if the asking price in negotiations with Carolina remains too high. Probably a long shot, but something to keep in mind.» - Pierre LeBrun

It will be interesting to see how the new Canes GM, Eric Tulsky, will handle this situation. He is said to have received concrete offers but nothing satisfactory enough to push him to accept.
«Word is the Hurricanes have received concrete offers for Martin Necas, but they haven't said yes yet Things should continue to heat up next week during the draft in Las Vegas!» - Pierre LeBrun

Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens among the few teams with the resources to make a Offer Sheet for Martin Necas

A user on the X platform, JFresh, released a list of teams that could make a offer Sheet for Martin Necas. Based on an annual salary between $6.9M and $9.1M, the price would be a 1st round pick, a 2nd round pick, and a 3rd round pick. Unsurprisingly, with the multitude of picks they have in the bank, the Canadiens are part of this group.
Necas, 25, accumulated 53 points in 77 games last season. The 12th overall pick in the 2017 draft had his best career season in 2022-2023 with 71 points, including 28 goals, in 82 games.
Many think he would be the ideal candidate to complete the Canadiens' lineup. It will be interesting to see if Kent Hughes thinks the same and if he will be ready to, one, pay the price in a trade, or two, dare to make a offer sheet.
It should be noted that an offer sheet will not be possible before July 1, the day Martin Necas becomes a restricted free agent. It is therefore unlikely that Tulsky will wait until this date, as his negotiating leverage with other GMs will be significantly lower.
A trade by June 28, the date of the 1st round of the NHL draft, is therefore much more plausible than an offer Sheet.
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Offer sheet made by the Canadiens to Martin Necas? Last-minute development

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