Mike Matheson traded for the 10th pick in 2024? Last-minute development

Elias Edmonson
June 19, 2024  (8:53 PM)

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Mathias Brunet has just made a major statement involving the 10th overall pick in the 2024 draft and Montreal Canadiens defenseman Mike Matheson.

We know that the New Jersey Devils are willing to trade their first-round pick (10th overall) and some analysts have already linked Matheson's name to this discussion.

Mike Matheson traded to the New Jersey Devils for the 10th overall pick? Mathias Brunet has addressed the question, and it's very interesting

On BPM Sports radio, just moments ago, journalist Mathias Brunet mentioned this.
«It's interesting that you bring up the 10th overall pick.

From what I hear, the Devils are looking for a left-handed defenseman, so if they can bite on Matheson, if you offer Matheson—and maybe something extra, given he has only two years left on his contract—to acquire the 10th overall pick [via trade] in Montreal, I hope New Jersey bites, given the current context of the Canadiens.» - Mathias Brunet, via BPM Sports

So, the Devils are searching for a left-handed defenseman who is established and on a good contract—a description that fits Mike Matheson perfectly!
And you, would you trade Mike Matheson in a deal to acquire the 10th overall pick in the 2024 draft?
Kent Hughes and the Canadiens would then have the 5th, 10th, and 26th overall picks.
«Would you be willing to trade a young Canadiens defenseman to the New Jersey Devils? If so, which one?

Mathias Brunet's segment here, who believes the Canadiens should jump on the chance to trade Mike Matheson for the 10th selection if it arises.»

- BPM Sports

To listen to Mathias Brunet's full segment, click here:
Mike Matheson, 30, scored 62 points in 82 games this season with the Canadiens. He has accumulated 234 points in 547 career NHL games and earns $4.875 million annually until 2026.
In 2026, he will become an unrestricted free agent (UFA) and will likely seek a significant salary increase.
Credit: BPM Sports
«Les Devils voudraient un défenseur gaucher»
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Mike Matheson traded for the 10th pick in 2024? Last-minute development

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