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Jake Allen traded to the Colorado Avalanche? Darren Dreger just confirmed live that there were discussions earlier

Published February 16, 2024 at 10:30

Yesterday, the web was buzzing with the case of a possible trade involving Jake Allen and the Colorado Avalanche.

It all started when Matt Murley announced, at noon, that Allen had officially been traded to the Avalanche.

His post was even shared by the very popular podcast Spittin' Chiclets, and it was quickly seen by millions of people.

There's also the very reliable Colorado journalist Adrian Dater, who said that the Avalanche was working very hard on the Jake Allen case (yesterday noon).

There was a lot of smoke, to say the least!

A few minutes after Murley's announcement, reputable insiders like Chris Johnston and Darren Dreger denied it all.

Dreger breaks the silence this morning and confirms that there were discussions between Kent Hughes and Colorado for the veteran goalie

See what the TSN insider mentioned in the last few minutes.

"Darren Dreger on TSN690 says that the Canadiens and the Avalanche had negotiations for a trade involving Jake Allen (that's confirmed and official), but (according to Dreger) there haven't been any significant discussions between the two teams for nearly two weeks."

- Via NHL Watcher

So, Colorado was definitely interested in Jake Allen earlier this month, Kent Hughes and the Avalanche's GM spoke on the phone and negotiated, but it seems like everything is on hold for now.

Do they have a trade basis (pending) on the table, and could it be resolved at any moment? To be continued.

"It's known that there were discussions between the CH and the Avs for Jake Allen. We agree that the goalie hasn't been offering inspired performances lately. But a change of scenery + a better defense... who knows.

And Ryan Johansen (very similar contract) was relegated to the 4th center position in Colorado and played 12 minutes last night.

Clearly, there's something to work on here. [...]" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

So, this is a file to watch and keep in mind.

We're still wondering what could have prompted Murley, yesterday, to announce that the trade is settled and official...

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Jake Allen traded to the Colorado Avalanche? Darren Dreger just confirmed live that there were discussions earlier

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