Huge trade proposal involving Trevor Zegras and the 6th overall pick Jamie Drysdale has emerged

Elias Edmonson
October 1, 2023  (11:08)

Among the restricted free agents who have not yet signed a new deal with their respective teams, none are talked about as much as Trevor Zegras.

The young Anaheim Ducks forward and the organization are at an impasse regarding a contract. Zegras' side is looking for a long-term deal while the Californian organization is offering a bridge contract, which is unacceptable to the young man.
It's worth noting that the Ducks gave a seven-year contract over the summer worth $49 million to Troy Terry. And without taking anything away from him, he certainly doesn't have the talent of a Trevor Zegras.
That said, we could be witnessing a tough start to the season in Anaheim as Zegras is not the only young player on the team without a contract. Jamie Drysdale is also among them. He too is seeking a new contract, and according to many sources, both he and Zegras are far from an agreement.
But as you know, when such situations arise, various trade rumors emerge on the web. As reported by Rumeursdetransation.com, a huge one circulated recently.
According to page X of the podcast Spittin' Chiclets, they propose this:
To Buffalo: Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale
To Anaheim: Rasmus Dahlin
We're talking about a real Blockbuster Deal here!
I'll remind you that there have been rumors linking Zegras to the Buffalo Sabres, but I highly doubt this trade will happen.
Dahlin is establishing himself as an elite NHL defenseman and his team is close to becoming playoff contenders after a 12-year absence. Think about it, the last time the Sabres made the playoffs (2011), Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister of Canada. It's been a while!
On a more serious note, the Ducks selected Leo Carlsson second overall in the last draft, and within the organization, there's a belief he might be the team's future center, even if it means sacrificing Trevor Zegras.
This will be an interesting story to follow in the coming weeks. If the spectacular Ducks' forward still hasn't come to terms with them, Pat Verbeek's phone will undoubtedly start ringing regularly.
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Huge trade proposal involving Trevor Zegras and the 6th overall pick Jamie Drysdale has emerged

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