Tyler Toffoli's return to the Canadiens: last-minute development

Elias Edmonson
June 18, 2024  (9:21 PM)

Photo of Tyler Toffoli
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We have a last-minute development on a potential return of Tyler Toffoli with the Montreal Canadiens via the free agent market.

First, let's recall that Kent Hughes recently told journalist Pierre LeBrun that he is looking for a top-6 forward and is also open to signing a high-impact free agent (unlike last year).
Knowing this, why not Tyler Toffoli?

A return and signing of Tyler Toffoli with the Montreal Canadiens?

We're talking about a top-6 forward who loves Montreal and still has strong relationships with the current Canadiens players.
In fact, he is with several of them right now at Jake Evans' wedding.
Regarding the potential return of Tyler Toffoli to the Canadiens, see what journalist Arpon Basu just mentioned.
«He has proven over the past few years that he is a remarkably consistent scorer. He surpassed 30 goals in each of his last two seasons, which were his two best seasons in terms of goals.

Additionally, I think Tyler Toffoli enjoyed his time in Montreal [...] maybe the Canadiens could make it work.

Four years is not unreasonable, even though I think it's a bit longer than what the Canadiens would prefer for a free agent.

If he is willing to accept a four-year contract, then yes, Kent Hughes should at least inquire to see if they can find common ground to bring him back to Montreal.» - Arpon Basu

We love it.
Toffoli is an excellent mentor for the young players, he's outstanding on the ice, he wouldn't cost anything to acquire (other than his contract), and most importantly, he loves Quebec.
We're talking about a player who, as a member of the New Jersey Devils, would sometimes spend his vacations in Quebec. That says a lot.
His family and his wonderful wife also love our part of the country.
Cat Toffoli has never hesitated to show her appreciation for Quebec, even after her partner was traded.
For four seasons, would you do it?
Tyler Toffoli, 32, scored 55 points last season with the Winnipeg Jets and the New Jersey Devils (33 goals).
He added a very solid 73 points, including 34 goals, in 2022-2023 with the Calgary Flames (top scorer and top goal-scorer for the Flames).
In any case, it's certainly an additional
interesting option.
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Grand retour de Tyler Toffoli avec le Canadien annoncé prochainement: du nouveau
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Tyler Toffoli's return to the Canadiens: last-minute development

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