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Controversy: Sidney Crosby just got publicly destroyed due to an action he took

Published February 3, 2024 at 8:23 PM
Our colleague Keven Mawn did a great job on this one, and we believe it's worth talking about, especially after what Nikita Kucherov did yesterday.

Because in the last few hours, a very reputable journalist has instead decided to pour his heart out about... Sidney Crosby?

See what he mentioned.

"I find it disgusting that every other year, when he decides to show up at the All-Star weekend, Sidney Crosby doesn't get flamed by anyone. No one ever criticizes him. He has done so much for the sport, and that's wonderful. He is/was an excellent ambassador for hockey. But to see a video of him skating in Montana and enjoying the good weather... Why do all the other players show up and participate in the player draft, but Sidney Crosby is not there, and no one talks about it. It drives me absolutely crazy because if it were any other player, they would get slammed. I just don't understand why he doesn't catch any flak."

- Frank Seravalli

All of this is linked to the fact that Sidney Crosby was absent Thursday night for the draft ahead of the NHL All-Star Game.

And the video that seems to have triggered Seravalli's ire:

Personally, especially after everything Crosby does for the league, we will respectfully highlight our strong disagreement with what Seravalli just mentioned... And you?

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Controversy: Sidney Crosby just got publicly destroyed due to an action he took

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