WOW: David Savard Reveals He Nearly Thought He Was Traded

Elias Edmonson
March 9, 2024  (4:45 PM)

Photo of David Savard
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Yesterday was a very entertaining day for fans, in the context of the NHL trade deadline, but it was also a very stressful day for some players, including David Savard.

The veteran Quebec defenseman really did not want to be traded, he loves playing in Montreal, but he was very aware that it was a real possibility.
He even admitted today that he let out a big sigh of relief at 3 PM (yesterday), despite a last-minute scare.

An unexpected phone call at 3 PM for David Savard

As reported by journalist Jonathan Bernier, from the Journal de Montréal, Savard experienced a certain fright at around 3 PM on Friday.
This is what he himself recounted, an entertaining anecdote.
"I had turned on the ringer of my phone just in case. I jumped when my father called me at three o'clock on the dot. He did not expect it to be so serious. Let's just say that I thought it was something else."

Something else, like Kent Hughes calling him to tell him he had to pack his bags.

"You never know. Things can change quickly at the last minute. I'm glad to be here this morning and to be here until the end of the season and to stay close to my family."

- Via the article by Jonathan Bernier

This is a topic that has caused a lot of buzz today among the Canadiens during interviews with journalists.
Savard emphasized that he wants to finish his contract in Montreal, that he loves playing here and that he does not want to be traded, while Martin St-Louis praised the merits of the 33-year-old veteran. He too wants to keep him in his locker room as long as possible.
Savard knows, however, that "the game is not won yet":
"We'll see if that will still be the case this summer (that I won't be traded), but I'm happy to still be a CH today!" - David Savard

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WOW: David Savard Reveals He Nearly Thought He Was Traded

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