Toffoli's return to the Habs: Here's an exclusive photo that's creating buzz

Elias Edmonson
June 20, 2024  (10:38)

Photo of Tyler Toffoli in a Habs uniform
Photo credit: NHL

While some rumors suggest that forward Tyler Toffoli might be returning to the Montreal Canadiens, an intriguing photo has just surfaced.

Let's first recall what journalist Arpon Basu recently mentioned.
«I think Tyler Toffoli enjoyed his time in Montreal [...] maybe the Canadiens could make it work.

Four years is not excessive, even though I think it's a bit longer than what the Canadiens would prefer for a free agent. If he's willing to accept a four-year contract, then yes, Kent Hughes should at least inquire.»

- Arpon Basu

And to add a bit more to the story, here is an interesting photo that has just been published.

Tyler Toffoli is currently with Nick Suzuki, Brendan Gallagher, Joel Armia, and Jake Evans, among others, from the Montreal Canadiens

Clearly, he still has a great relationship with many players of the Tricolore, and clearly, he has left his mark in Martin St. Louis' locker room.
Toffoli will be a free agent in about ten days, and he will be able to sign the contract of his choice, with the team of his choice.
It's something to watch. Here is the photo in question:
Knowing how much Toffoli and his wife love Montreal, don't be surprised if he returns to play for the Canadiens.
Let's also recall this:
Would you do it for four seasons?
Tyler Toffoli, 32 years old, accumulated 55 points last season with the Winnipeg Jets and the New Jersey Devils. (33 goals)
He added a very solid 73 points, including 34 goals, in 2022-2023 with the Calgary Flames. (top scorer and top goal scorer for the Flames)
Toffoli could be a solid top 6 forward, a reliable veteran for the young players, and could ensure a smooth transition while waiting for the arrival of a young player like Ivan Demidov or Cayden Lindstrom.
See more Cat Toffoli's personal photos.
They are stunning.

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Toffoli's return to the Habs: Here's an exclusive photo that's creating buzz

Which one would you take first with the Canadiens?

Tyler Toffoli as a free agent44755.4 %
Trevor Zegras through a high-cost trade425.2 %
Martin Necas through a high-cost trade749.2 %
Jonathan Marchessault as a free agent24430.2 %
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