The Truth Emerges in Cole Caufield's bar incident From Last Week's party he attended

Elias Edmonson
February 16, 2024  (2:04 PM)

Photo of Cole Caufield and Dvorak
Photo credit: IG/Cole Caufield

We hadn't seen news like this for a very long time, but with the arrival of the new podcast Stanley25, it seems like it could start happening again.

Let's recall what Réjean Tremblay notably mentioned in his article on the BPM Sports website, last week:
«I just want to point out that maybe it's time for the real boss of the Canadiens to give Serge Savard a call. The Senator might be able to give him some advice on the art of controlling the city's most popular bars. There will always be escapades but why not be preventative?

For example, Thursday night late at Marcus, Cole Caufield had clearly had way too much cough syrup. Poor boy, he was all dizzy.» - Réjean Tremblay

No scandal here, but it sure got people talking.
Precisely on this subject, in the new episode of the Stanley25 podcast, published yesterday, Max Truman provided some clarifications.

Cole Caufield drunk at a party last Thursday? Not so fast!

See the clarifications in question.
«I went to the sources to get the real news. [...] After having a few drinks at the Casino, Caufield and Dvorak, who live together, decide to go out.

They are with Chris Wideman, who no longer plays and will not play again. [...] His family is in St. Louis, so when Chris Wideman is here, he is almost as if he were single so he goes out with the two single kids (Cole and D-Vo).

The three go out.

There's a fourth guy with them (a nanny or a guy in charge of the security department at the Canadiens) and this guy approaches Cole Caufield to tell him to come with him and that he was approaching a dangerous zone.

So he drove him back.» - Max Truman

And Truman explains that this «nanny» is precisely hired by the Canadiens to ensure that players are not too «on the party» in bars, and that they do not drive their car while drunk (among other things).
And if a player becomes tipsy, this nanny will intervene (as was evidently the case last Thursday with Cole).
In short, he continues.
«It seems, for real, that Caufield was not that tipsy Thursday. He was a bit tipsy, but not like they explained.

- Max Truman

So that's simply what happened last Thursday.
We repeat, but there's no scandal here, even if clearly it interests many fans.
Personally, we think Cole Caufield is doing well to have fun, especially since he's doing extremely well on the ice.
In the end, that's what's important!
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And see an excerpt:
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The Truth Emerges in Cole Caufield's bar incident From Last Week's party he attended

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