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Hughes and the Habs have apparently drafted the next Andrei Markov

Published April 2, 2024 at 9:05

The future of Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis's defensive squad seems to be extremely promising, with Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, and David Reinbacher.

Let's focus more specifically on one name for the moment.

There have been so many comments and diverse opinions about the young Reinbacher, but an expert who is very well-placed to talk about him, currently, is the excellent announcer for the Laval Rocket's games, Anthony Marcotte.

Let's just say he follows him very closely.

David Reinbacher, the next Andrei Markov?

Indeed, it was he who compared Reinbacher to none other than Andrei Markov.

The 5th overall pick of the Canadiens in 2023 has been impressing since his arrival in North America, since joining the Laval Rocket, and he's just getting started.

See Anthony Marcotte's response:

"Without identifying a particular player, I see in Reinbacher a complete defenseman who will take a lot of minutes in the NHL. A sort of Andrei Markov, but a bit more robust." - Anthony Marcotte

If he indeed becomes a complete defenseman, playing 23-24 minutes per game against the opposing team's best players, it will really be a "mission accomplished" for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton with this selection.

A more robust Andrei Markov is definitely something to welcome!

Here's a statement that is encouraging and gives us quite a bit of information about the young defenseman.

Reinbacher, 19 years old, has accumulated three points in 6 games this season with the Laval Rocket (plus/minus of +4).

Markov, 45 years old, has accumulated 572 points in 990 career NHL games, all with the Montreal Canadiens.

Do you like this comparison?

Credit: - Le Canadien de Montréal a mis la main sur le prochain Andrei Markov?
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Hughes and the Habs have apparently drafted the next Andrei Markov

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