We finally know why Mike Hoffman has not yet been traded

Jeff Drouin
October 19, 2022  (9:52)

It's no secret that Mike Hoffman is not at all popular with the media and fans. The forward, who is averaging 14:03 this season, has just one point, one assist, in four games. Add to that his three shots, two checks and -1 differential, and there is nothing impressive about his game.

Martin St-Louis has no choice but to use him, despite the shortcomings and lack of effort he brings to the club night after night. He has to hope that his veteran wakes up, which would make life a lot easier for his GM, who could more easily pass on him to another team.
On this subject, it seems difficult for Hughes to trade Hoffman when, according to Renaud Lavoie, nobody in the league is interested in his services.
Mike Hoffman is here for what? Even if you wanted to trade him, there's no team in the NHL that has any interest in Mike Hoffman. I don't want to point fingers at him, but it doesn't pass muster that the players had no reaction to a move like that. What happened at the end of January, if we think it's normal, we have a nasty problem." - Renaud Lavoie

With such production and two years left on his contract, at $4.5M on the payroll remember, it's not surprising. Putting him on waivers would also not be better because it would be very surprising that a team would select him, considering the points listed above. Having him play in Laval would also not be a good idea, especially to not ruin the dynamic and the atmosphere of the school club.
The only solution for the moment seems to be to be patient and hope for a revival in the NHL in order to open the interest of other GMs towards the CH's unloved player.
Even if an imminent trade is called for Mike Hoffman, the reason why he is still with the Montreal Canadiens is quite simple, according to Renaud Lavoie. Unfortunately, there is no NHL team that has an interest in him.
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We finally know why Mike Hoffman has not yet been traded

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