Petry throws the Canadiens organization under the buss infront of the Pitsburgh media

Jeff Drouin
September 29, 2022  (11:47)

On his segment of the day on BPM Sports, the dynamic Tony Marinaro was in a tizzy, and he clearly responded to Jeff Petry, who took a swipe at the Montreal Canadiens organization and its culture.

Petry actually mentioned, via a public appearance before the Pittsburgh media, that the standards are much lower in Montreal than with the Penguins. He mentioned that the Habs organization settles for very little, and he denounced that.
Marinaro didn't find it funny, check out his very clear answer:
"Look, even if it were true, because Pittsburgh won 5 Stanley Cups, and in the last 15 years they won 3, not all truth is nice to say. Jeff Petry had a chance to shut up. He could have said "look, I disagree with you, I played with the Montreal Canadiens and it's a rich tradition. It's an organization that wanted to win, there's no doubt about that, and we came close two years ago.

Jeff Petry is the same guy who played rotten hockey last year and he threw Dominique Ducharme under the bus saying that after a loss in Pittsburgh, when he was rotten too, that the team was not playing with any structure. As much as Dominique Ducharme tried to get around him, that Jeff Petry was aiming for his skills when he said that."

Marinaro continued:
"That was a player who was unhappy playing in Montreal last year and because his wife was unhappy. So, because madam was unhappy, he was unhappy, because the whole thing started with madam. When Madame walked into a Costco on the South Shore, a manager would have rolled his eyes when she told the manager that she didn't understand French.

Ah, poor lady, she's been here for over six years, and she didn't understand French. Even if it were true that the manager rolled his eyes, you're the wife of a major player in an organization that is supposed to have the most class. You're an ambassador for that club, and it's a club that's already having a hard time getting free agent players. You want to do good publicity for the club that has always been good to you, your husband and your family."

Marinaro insists that Montreal showed a lot of class to Petry, trading him to a place where he and his family would be comfortable.
Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton worked hard to make him happy and to fully satisfy his requests... and in return he will plant the CH in front of the Pittsburgh media?
All this, while the organization is trying to build a good reputation, so they can finally attract good free agents? It's a strange way to thank Montreal, and Marinaro doesn't go out of his way to say it.
"Petry, you have no class!" - Tony Marinaro

For the full interview, it's here :
Petry throws the Canadiens organization under the buss infront of the Pitsburgh media

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