Nick Suzuki makes an interesting statement and sends a clear message to the experts

Jeff Drouin
August 31, 2022  (9:04)

Nick Suzuki spent most of his summer in Montreal, participating in several public activities. He even played in a 3-on-3 league in the city to try to stay in shape. This is to say that he greatly appreciates his adopted city.

The latter is actually still in town as he participates in the BioSteel camp. He sat down for an interview with Stu Cowan of The Gazette and had some great statements about the club's upcoming season.
"I'm excited to make people lie," he confided. I think people are selling us short. I was talking to Sean Monahan about our formation. We have a pretty deep team, and I think we're underestimated quite a bit. That's not a bad thing, actually. I think we'll surprise people." - Nick Suzuki

The message is clear: the experts underestimate the CH, according to Nick, and they want to surprise!
The one who many see as the next captain of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge also talked about the club's latest 1st round pick, Juraj Slafkovsky. He admitted that he practices with the young man and that he could see himself playing on a line with him.
"Slafkovsky and I have been training together for a few weeks, skating together. It's good to get to know him, he's fun to be around. On the ice he is bigger than I thought. He's working very hard, he'll be ready for camp and we'll see how the trios are put together.

One thing I noticed about him is that he likes to pass the puck. He won't just take a shot every chance he gets. He wants to make plays and get the puck to the net. I think we would complement each other well in that sense." - Nick Suzuki

On that note, it will be up to head coach Martin St-Louis to judge whether a Suzuki/Slafkovsky pairing is realistic. Regarding the latter, Suzuki said he has kept in touch with him this summer and is looking forward to camp.
I talked to him a little bit. We talked at the draft and I had a couple of calls with him this summer...he just got here. I'm really excited for camp. I think there's a lot of good energy coming into camp from the players and from the coaching side. I think everyone is ready to come back. It's been a really long summer and I'm excited to see all the guys and get back to working with them." - Nick Suzuki

Based on these statements, we are definitely looking forward to the start of camp!
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Nick Suzuki makes an interesting statement and sends a clear message to the experts

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