Marc Denis denounces an ugly habit of Kirby Dach, and it makes CH fans react a lot

Jeff Drouin
September 27, 2022  (4:35 PM)

During a recent appearance on "On jase", the excellent analyst Marc Denis took the opportunity to give a message to the new Montreal Canadiens forward Kirby Dach.

It's about his hat, yes, his hat.
It raises a certain debate as to whether or not the CH organization should give certain decorum instructions to their players before they go in front of the media.
Marc Denis was keen to publicly denounce a habit of Dach, who always (until now) presents himself in front of journalists with his hat on "from behind".
See what Denis said on RDS:
Don't write me to tell me that it's a question of generations. My guys are 18 and 20 years old, and they've known for a long time that they don't have their hats on their heads in the house.

Kirby Dach, the other time I didn't say a word because it was his contract signing press conference but when you meet the media with your cap on backwards... Phew. I have a hard time with that!"

-Marc Denis

*Transcription by Marco Normandin
"Marc was on fire at the beginning of the show and had a message for Kirby Dach!"

-On Jase

Okay, so we agree, this isn't the debate of the century, but it's a speech that really got a lot of people talking. Should Dach, who is 21 years old, correct the record?
Is this, like Marc Denis, something that bothers you? We don't want to go off the "backwards hatsgate", but it can lead to an interesting discussion about decorum.
Recall that last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs temporarily instituted a relaxed dress code. This meant that their players could show up to games dressed in street clothes, a comfortable outfit.
A request from Auston Matthews, who insisted that it be done.
Remember that the NHL is the only North American sports that requires a strict dress code, as written in the collective agreement.
"Players must wear a jacket, tie and dress pants for all of their team's games, as well as when traveling to and from a game, unless otherwise directed by the head coach or general manager," the agreement reads.

If we make the connection between this rule, the comments of Marc Denis, and the famous cap of Kirby Dach, we can wonder what kind of decorum should be required of NHL players. Should we remain strict, or more flexible, in your opinion?
See the excerpt and the numerous reactions right here :

Credit: HABSolumentFan
Marc Denis denounces an ugly habit of Kirby Dach, and it makes CH fans react a lot

Does it bother you to see Kirby Dach appear at a press briefing with his hat backwards?

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No11142.2 %
Not a bit10640.3 %
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