Juraj Slafkovsky sends a message to the CH and tells a funny story about Cole Caufield

Jeff Drouin
June 2, 2022  (7:08 PM)

The man some would like the Montreal Canadiens to draft first overall this July at the Bell Centre, Juraj Slafkovsky, gave a very interesting interview to La Presse today.

Slafkovsky, who is considered the top European prospect, is watching closely what we say about him in Montreal. A hockey market he considers to be passionate, exciting and one he would like to join.
As reported by the excellent Keven Mawn (Fanadiens.com), Slafkovsky has rightly spoken out about the possibility of completing a trio with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, as some have suggested:
"I've also seen people disagree! That's okay, that's right, Montreal. You don't always get unanimous approval. But, it would make a pretty crazy trio (with Caufield and Suzuki). I think I'm the biggest of the three. They need someone bigger to get the pucks. And they're really skilled players. It would be a good combination!" - Juraj Slafkovsky

The message is out there.
The towering Slovak also told an interesting story, an anecdote from the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championship. (During a duel between Team USA and Slovakia):
"We were losing like 4-1, we came face to face for a face-off in the neutral zone. He said something to me like, 'You could be a good player, you.'"

Slafkovsky later admitted he was surprised to find that Caufield knew him and knew who he was.
Personally, it doesn't surprise me at all coming from Cole Caufield. We know him exactly as he is: a passionate, outspoken young man.
It's interesting to see that Caufield has been scouting Slafkovsky for quite some time, and that he has already made the first contacts with him, while the latter could now really become a player of the Montreal Canadiens and possibly an effective trio mate for the #22 and #14 of the Tricolore.
Would you like a Slafkovsky-Suzuki-Caufield trio, or a Suzuki-Wright-Dvorak center line?
For all the interesting details, including the young Slovak's impressions of his meeting with the CH, it's here :
Credit: Keven Mawn, Fanadiens.com
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Juraj Slafkovsky sends a message to the CH and tells a funny story about Cole Caufield

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