Sidney Crosby falling and his skate nearly slicing Kaiden Guhle
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BREAKING: Scary Scene As Sidney Crosby Nearly Cuts Guhle With His Skate

Published January 27, 2024 at 8:46 PM

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was almost involved in a tragedy this evening as his skate went into the neck area of Guhle.

Crosby's Skates Get Too Close To Guhle's Face As He Falls Down

The hockey community was rocked by the Adam Johnson tragedy last fall which saw Johnson lose his life during a freak accident. Since then, there have been many close calls that are used as evidence that neck protection must be mandatory.

We just saw another near-accident involving Kaiden Guhle and Sidney Crosby.

So that was nearly a skate to the head, and all of Crosby's weight coming down on Guhle's leg.

Not ideal. He seemed okay after.

Kaiden Guhle always watches Sidney Crosby closely when these two teams meet.

Some solid defensive work here, almost rewarded with a skate to the face.

Thankfully Guhle was alright and was able to continue playing for the Canadiens. Hopefully, the NHL is able to do something to further improve player safety as there have been way too many close calls.

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BREAKING: Scary Scene As Sidney Crosby Nearly Cuts Guhle With His Skate

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