Alexis Lafrenière getting the bad treatment by the Rangers and the reactions are numerous

Jeff Drouin
May 8, 2022  (0:38)

Towards the end of the regular season, one of the most talked about issues was when the New York Rangers made the decision to scratch Alexis Lafreniere from their lineup. (who was then left in the stands)

Lafreniere, 20, was the Rangers' first overall pick in 2020 and has 31 points in 79 games this season.
He is no longer a rookie and now has two full seasons of NHL experience. Despite this, he doesn't seem to be able to earn the trust of his organization, having seen his usage time drop significantly this season (from 15 minutes per game, to 13 minutes 30 seconds per game towards the end of the season)
In the playoffs, the trend continued. He was shunned in the big moments and he is less and less used.
Notably, in the second game of the series between the Penguins and the Rangers, the former first overall pick of the 2020 auction, Alexis Lafreniere, was the least used player of the Rangers.
Even Ryan Reaves played more often than Laffy. Even Dryden Hunt played more than Laff. That says a lot.
"He played very little. I was listening to former National Hockey League (NHL) star Luc Robitaille earlier on NHL Network and he was mentioning that you shouldn't analyze the work of a player who is used so little. I think that applies to Lafreniere's case," explained Renaud Lavoie on the JiC show on Friday night.

He added:

"He gets involved by giving several checks and I think it's a shame that he doesn't seem to have the confidence of his coach."

"Everyone wishes him much success and hopes he performs up to his talent," concluded the journalist about the former Rimouski Oceanic carrier.

Let's just hope he can show more of his talent, in the big moments, because he is a great young hockey player. That, there is no doubt.
We could understand if he was a rookie, but right now he's heading into his third NHL season. He doesn't deserve to be the least used player on his team, according to many.
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Alexis Lafrenière getting the bad treatment by the Rangers and the reactions are numerous

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