A journalist has completely picked up Dominique Ducharme about Cole Caufield

Published December 2, 2021 at 3:56 PM

A decision by Dominique Ducharme irritated more than one this morning at practice. Indeed, the Habs pilot transferred young Cole Caufield on the fourth line along with Mathieu Perreault and Michael Pezzetta.

It's a descent into hell for the young man, who was alongside Nick Suzuki on the first line since his recall.

This direction was sarcastically applauded by journalist Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette. He said that Dominique Ducharme was literally the right head coach for the Habs, because he welcomes the losing attitude that the team has on the ice.

These words may be considered very hard to swallow for some, but you can't really argue with Kelly. A high draft pick under the new management could pay off big time. A Shane Wright or a Matthew Savoie, we wouldn't say no in town.
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