Jonathan Huberdeau has just been called up for a major meeting in Montreal

Elias Edmonson
June 26, 2024  (9:24)

Photo of Jonathan Huberdeau
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The second season in Alberta for Jonathan Huberdeau was no better than the first.

While everyone thought that a change of coach would do him good, it didn't seem to change anything in the Quebecer's game, and the Flames seem to be looking for ways to revive their forward.

An important meeting in Montreal for Jonathan Huberdeau

To do this, head coach Ryan Huska traveled to Montreal earlier this month to meet his player. This meeting, according to the Flames coach's statements collected by Sportsnet 960, was a necessity.
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"We looked at where we are now and where we want to go in the coming year. The coach and the player are working to be on the same page. We are here for the same reasons."

"Sometimes, some guys say about their coaches that they are too hard on them, that they don't care about them. As coaches, we want to put players in places where they can succeed. Sometimes, having a slightly out-of-the-ordinary conversation is a good way to break this wall of silence." - Ryan Huska

Huberdeau, who will start the second season of his lucrative eight-year, $84 million contract ($10.5 million per year), has not played up to expectations since his arrival in Calgary. He respectively accumulated 55 and 52 points during his first two years in Canada, which is far from his 115-point season with the Panthers in 2021-2022.
Even though he knows that this meeting does not guarantee a comeback for the Quebecer, Huska seems happy with its outcome. He was able to be reassured about the veteran's state of mind while following up, which he usually does by phone, face to face during a good evening.
It is to be hoped that Huberdeau will manage to pull himself together because with 7 seasons remaining on his contract, the Flames will find this deal very long. Many fans are already fed up with the Quebecer and seem to be hoping for a trade like the one that freed the Kings from Pierre-Luc Dubois last week.
I don't think the Flames are at that option yet, but it will be interesting to see their reaction if Huberdeau does not return to the elite player they sought.
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Jonathan Huberdeau has just been called up for a major meeting in Montreal

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