Trade market: Turnaround and home run coming for Kent Hughes regarding Sean Monahan?

BY MARCO    DECEMBER 3, 2022  (10:22)
For several days now, many fans and analysts have been trying to find out what will happen with Sean Monahan.

He has been excellent for the Montreal Canadiens in the early part of the season, but he is also a highly coveted player on the trade market and a player who will be a free agent next summer.

Most experts believe that Monahan will be traded, but many of us believe that he could really help the CH in the long run.

Turnaround and home run to come for Kent Hughes in this matter?

Knowing all of this, some fans have begun to dream of a perfect scenario. What if Kent Hughes hit a home run, trading Monahan at a high price, and re-signing him this summer?

After all, Monahan loves Montreal and Montreal loves Monahan. This was discussed earlier today:

"(It's) Rare to trade a player and get him back as a free agent, but imagine the scenario!

Get a first-round pick (from the Flames) to acquire Monahan, trade him for a first-round pick, then re-sign him this summer? That would be something else (amazing)."

- Eric Engels, reporter who covers the Montreal Canadiens for Sportsnet

That would be genius. It seems unlikely, but really not that unrealistic either.

Imagine the recap.

In Montreal:

- Flames first round pick

- First round pick of a contending team that acquires Monahan by the 2023 trade deadline

- Sean Monahan (re-signed as a UFA next summer)

What it would cost:

- Future considerations

Okay, so we're dreaming a little bit and it's far from a done deal, but it does explain Kent Hughes' big dilemma right now. On one hand, we love Monahan and he could help in the long run, but on the other hand, the first round pick he could bring back would be crucial for the future of the club.

Can you believe it?