The 7 worst trade proposals involving the Canadiens this summer are revealed

Elias Edmonson
June 13, 2024  (6:07 PM)

Photo of Martin Necas, Cole Caufield and Brady Tkachuk
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About two weeks before the 2024 NHL draft, trade offers from journalists and analysts for the Canadiens are coming from all directions.

It's the "worst" time of the year for this in the media covering the activities of the Canadiens, especially as they await the draft.
We're sharing a few with you, but be aware that there are so many circulating right now.
It's always interesting and entertaining to discuss and put yourself in Kent Hughes' shoes, but some journalists might have gone too far for some people's taste. (with trade offers submitted that are very bold)

The seven worst trade offers involving the Canadiens, submitted by well-known names like Mathias Brunet, Gilbert Delorme, and company

We just came across a text shared by Maxime Truman from the site DansLesCoulisses, a text that seems to be anonymous but is generating a lot of reactions.
It's titled "The 7 worst trade proposals heard about the Canadiens this summer and June 21st hasn't even arrived yet."
Here are the trade proposals in question.
1- Jean-Francois Baril on QUB radio on June 5th, during Mario Dumont's show.
Martin Necas for the Montreal Canadiens' first-round pick (5th overall in 2024)
2- Gilbert Delorme on BPM sports on May 28th during the morning show.
Brady Tkachuk for David Reinbacher and the Canadiens' two first-round picks (5th overall in 2024 and 26th overall in 2024)
3- Mathias Brunet on BPM sports during the evening show with Martin Lemay.
Mike Matheson for the New Jersey Devils' first-round pick (10th overall in 2024)
4- Stéphane Gonzalez and Max Van Houtte on the podcast Le Combo, on June 7th.
Kaiden Guhle for Trevor Zegras
5- David Ettedgui on the show Laraque/Gonzalez on BPM sports.
Jayden Struble and a 5th-round pick for Alexander Holtz
6- Frank Well - The Hockey Podcast on YouTube, on May 30th, 2024.
Arthur Kaliyev vs. Joël Armia
7- TSN 690:
Cole Caufield vs. Mitch Marner and Toronto's first-round pick (23rd overall)
He also mentions, as an honorable mention, the recent proposal by Mathias Brunet (Cole Caufield for the 6th overall pick in 2024) as well as an offer submitted by Norman Flynn (the Canadiens' first-round pick - 5th overall - in exchange for Mason McTavish).
It's a humorous text that gave fans a good laugh. There are «well-done» type comments under each of the trade proposals mentioned above.
Credit and full text:
Looking forward to the 2024 NHL draft!
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The 7 worst trade proposals involving the Canadiens this summer are revealed

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