New developments from Renaud Lavoie on a potentiel trade involving Cole Caufield

Elias Edmonson
June 2, 2024  (8:40 PM)

Photo of Cole Caufield
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The trade proposal involving Cole Caufield and Utah's 6th overall pick continues to make waves, this time due to journalist Renaud Lavoie.

The TVA Sports informant felt the need to join this discussion and, most importantly, to send a very clear message.
Trading Cole Caufield for a draft pick is really not ideal.
« Cole Caufield for a draft pick? Really?» - Renaud Lavoie

He published a very interesting article to explain his point.

Renaud Lavoie would absolutely not trade Cole Caufield for Utah's first-round pick

Let's remember that this is a trade proposal that caused a lot of chatter earlier this week.
« In recent days, journalist Mathias Brunet talked about the possibility of trading Cole Caufield for a draft pick during a discussion on BPM Sports. Not the first pick, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth, nor the fifth (because it belongs to the Canadiens), but the sixth pick in the amateur draft... »

- Renaud Lavoie

« What did Cole Caufield do wrong to deserve such a suggestion? I guess the only possible argument is that he didn't reach the 50-goal plateau last season, as many people hoped before the season started. So 28 goals, 37 assists, 65 points, and a -4 rating is so disastrous that we're going to trade him for a simple draft pick?

Oh boy. »

- Renaud Lavoie

We highly recommend the full article, but Renaud also draws a comparison to the excellent Jack Hughes, who is the only player from the 2019 draft to have scored more goals than Cole Caufield.
Moreover, Caufield has scored more goals per game than Hughes.
Honestly, Renaud is absolutely right.
In the past, people criticized Caufield for not making enough passes, not being good enough defensively, and being too one-dimensional.
And now, Caufield nearly quadruples his number of assists, sensationally improves his defensive numbers, becomes a much more complete player, and it's still not enough?
« So I'll let you have your sixth pick in the next draft, whatever his name is by the way, and I'll keep Cole Caufield with my eyes closed. » - Renaud Lavoie

Caufield fait partie de la solution.
An article we highly recommend!
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New developments from Renaud Lavoie on a potentiel trade involving Cole Caufield

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