Montreal journalist proposes a blockbuster trade between the Canadiens and Leafs

Elias Edmonson
June 11, 2024  (6:28 PM)

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As rumors swirl around potential trades for the Montreal Canadiens leading up to the 2024 draft, a possible deal involving Mitch Marner is creating a buzz in Toronto.

Many well-informed journalists, including Frank Seravalli, are steadfast in their belief that Mitch Marner will be traded by the Maple Leafs this summer.
There are numerous trade proposals involving him circulating in Toronto, but here's an intriguing one from a Montreal journalist this time.

Mitch Marner for the Canadiens' 5th overall pick in the 2024 draft?

This offer was proposed by Mathias Brunet during a recent episode of his podcast "Processus" with Simon Boisvert.
«However, there is another type of trade that could be made with the 5th overall pick (of the Montreal Canadiens), which is to trade it for an established star player.

Mathias Brunet also raised a bold idea during the recent episode of his podcast "Processus" with Simon Boisvert, suggesting trading this pick for Mitch Marner.» - Mathis Therrien

This is obviously a major proposition, and one can imagine the Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested, but would it be a good trade for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens?
I imagine Canadiens fans might not be thrilled with the idea, especially now that there seems to be a real chance of selecting Ivan Demidov with this 5th pick. But personally, it could be interesting if it comes with a contract extension.
Yes, Demidov could be special, yes, Cayden Lindstrom could be special, but with Mitch Marner, we're talking about an elite forward here.
Look at his production (per 82 games) over the past seasons. It's truly phenomenal:
- 101 points
- 101 points
- 110 points
- 100 points
- 93 points
- 94 points
Such production is extremely hard to come by.
Moreover, if many seem to think Marner is one-dimensional, think again because his defensive stats are also very solid.
In the playoffs, he has accumulated 50 points in 57 games, including 14 points in 11 games last season.
I'm not saying it's a home run and that I would absolutely make this trade, but we must admit it is (at the very least) interesting to analyze.
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Montreal journalist proposes a blockbuster trade between the Canadiens and Leafs

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