Proposed trade between the Canadiens and the Jets: a real home run by Kent Hughes is possible in the Sean Monahan case

Elias Edmonson
January 1, 2024  (12:45)

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The question for the Canadiens as the trade deadline approaches will be whether Kent Hughes will trade his veteran Sean Monahan.

With his production being at least consistent, especially over the last five games, and his low salary of $1.985 million, he will surely be attractive to several teams aspiring for top honors.
In a recent article for The Athletic, hockey insiders Pierre LeBrun and Chris Johnston specifically mentioned two teams that could welcome the forward. These are the Colorado Avalanche and the Winnipeg Jets.

An advanced trade discussed by some observers between the Canadiens and the Jets involving Sean Monahan

The idea of seeing Monahan end up in Manitoba is at least intriguing but quite logical. As Johnston mentions, who aimed to play matchmaker in this article, the way the Jets are playing right now forces the team's GM to make a move.
"Jets General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has always shown his willingness to add rentals at the deadline when his teams have given him a compelling reason to do so. This looks like one of those years in Winnipeg. Monahan would strengthen the backbone of a Jets team that has a chance to make a hit in the central division, and the cost – both in terms of assets and his $2 million salary cap – should not be too high."

- Chris Johnston

However, for Monahan to become a member of the Jets, Kent Hughes will have to agree to trade him. In mid-December, David Pagnotta from the site TheFourthPeriod mentioned that the Canadiens had an interest in keeping their veteran long-term.
Kent Hughes seems to think that the veteran's contribution for the coming years will be more beneficial than a high draft pick acquired by trading him. Especially when we know that this pick will take several years to reach its peak while Monahan is currently in it. The club's management seems to be betting that Monahan, despite his injury history, will be an impact player for another 2, 3, or even 4 years.
In recent months, we have often said that the Canadiens will sooner or later need to acquire a renowned veteran to move to the next step of their rebuild. Kent Hughes seems to already have this player in his ranks and could focus on another aspect to improve, such as their goalies.
It is certain that Monahan could still be fragile in the coming years, given his medical history. But just imagine if he manages to stay healthy and maintain the pace. Taking a chance with him in the medium to long term could be very rewarding!
And it seems that the main interested party greatly likes the city and the organization after having accepted a very low contract extension. Why wouldn't he agree to stay at a lower price?
It is certain that Hughes could take another bet, that of trading him to better sign him this summer. But this tactic, which has often been proposed in the past for other players, is certainly not a guarantee of success. There are too many unknowns between the time of said transaction and the opening of the free agent market. Why not then take advantage of his current interest in staying and sign him now?
The home run is still possible, that is to trade Monahan to the Jets for a high price (against a first-round pick) and bring him back with the Canadiens by signing him this summer. This would be the dream scenario, but as mentioned earlier, it comes with its share of risks.
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Proposed trade between the Canadiens and the Jets: a real home run by Kent Hughes is possible in the Sean Monahan case

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