Gary Bettman shows disrespect towards Connor McDavid on live tv show

Elias Edmonson
June 24, 2024  (4:54 PM)

Photo of Gary Bettman, Stephen A Smith and Connor McDavid
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The National Hockey League commissioner, Gary Bettman, just gave an awkward interview in the United States about Connor McDavid.

Questioned about the best player in the world by the highly reputable Stephen A. Smith, Gary Bettman gave really bizarre answers.
This interview is causing a lot of buzz right now, for all the wrong reasons.

Gary Bettman drops the ball on Connor McDavid

Here is an excerpt of his responses.

"Mr. Bettman, can you tell us what Connor McDavid represents for hockey, particularly today?"

Commissioner's response:

"He is a true star player. Most experts and fans believe he is the best player in the world, and he might well be... I believe he is the top scorer in the playoffs... [...]" - Gary Bettman, who also noted that the outcome of tonight's game is unpredictable.

No Gary, it's not "most experts and fans who believe he might possibly vaguely be the best player in the world."
McDavid is ABSOLUTELY the best hockey player on the planet, and he is possibly the best player of all time. There is absolutely no doubt about that, despite the vague and very unconvincing response from the commissioner.
Then, the commissioner mentions "that he believes McDavid is the top scorer in the playoffs," while being very unconvinced of his answer.
Gary Bettman should know that Connor McDavid is, BY FAR, the top scorer in the 2024 playoffs, especially since he has 10 more points than the second top scorer in the playoffs (Evan Bouchard).
McDavid also has nearly double the points of the top scorer of the Florida Panthers.
In short, I find his responses very disappointing. Any average fan would have done a much better job than him, talking about Connor McDavid.
Let's continue the interview.
"Particularly for our fans in the United States, it gives them an opportunity to see Connor McDavid, to see the intensity, and I think it's good for the sport because he plays in Edmonton, and because he plays in Edmonton, he is not as recognized in the United States as he might be, for example, in Canada."

- Gary Bettman

A response that says a lot... and a response that won't calm those who believe that Gary Bettman has a preference for the United States.
Is he disappointed that Connor McDavid plays in Edmonton?
Anyway, here is the full interview in question.
"Gary Bettman talks about Connor McDavid as if he has never watched a hockey game."

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Gary Bettman shows disrespect towards Connor McDavid on live tv show

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