A big lie has just been exposed about young prospect Ivan Demidov

Elias Edmonson
June 20, 2024  (4:28 PM)

Photo of Ivan Demidov
Photo credit: The New York Times

Just days before the 2024 NHL Draft, the name of young Ivan Demidov is increasingly buzzing around the Montreal Canadiens.

And apparently, there's a lot happening behind the scenes.
It's often seen in the NFL, where many teams have become experts at generating big smokescreens and spreading information that benefits them, but evidently, it's starting to happen in the NHL as well.

Rumors Circulating About Young Ivan Demidov

The 2024 NHL Draft will take place in about a week, live from Las Vegas, and things are heating up, especially as teams have identified players they really want to draft.
Sometimes, some clubs come close to crossing the line in their efforts to influence other teams' choices.
«[Elliotte Friedman] mentioned that according to the executives of an NHL team, there is currently a team, presumably in the Top-10 of the draft, spreading misinformation and negative remarks about Russian forward Ivan Demidov, solely to see him fall to them.»

- Marco Normandin

So, it's crucial to be very careful about the information circulating, especially a week before the draft.
«If there's one thing I know about the draft, it's that a week before the deadline, everyone lies. But NHL team executives recently told me that there's currently another team trying to devalue Ivan Demidov.

They're leaking information suggesting that he's smaller than he actually is or that it will be difficult to bring him out of Russia and over to America, but in truth, they're just trying to make him fall to their pick.»

- Elliotte Friedman

He obviously doesn't name the team in question, and hopefully, it's not the Montreal Canadiens, but you can guess it's creating a buzz.
In any case, this could benefit the Habs.
One thing is certain: this team really wants Demidov.
Anyway, we are really looking forward to this draft, and of course, we are eager to see which player Kent Hughes and the Canadiens will select with the 5th overall pick.
Will Ivan Demidov be available? Stay tuned.
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Une équipe tenterait actuellement de faire descendre la valeur d'Ivan Demidov
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A big lie has just been exposed about young prospect Ivan Demidov

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