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Huge announcement from Bettman: checks are ready for the return of the Nordiques and the relocation of the Coyotes seems possible

Published February 7, 2024 at 11:54
Let's hope it's for real this time, but we have a major development in the case of the possible relocation of the Arizona Coyotes.

As we reported last night:

Impatience has FINALLY won over the players and the NHL bosses in the Arizona Coyotes case. (including Gary Bettman)

According to journalist Frank Seravalli from the Daily Faceoff website, the NHL should give a final answer by this weekend, on whether the Coyotes will move or not.

"According to the hockey expert, the options available to the league are as follows:

require that the Coyotes identify a site and ensure its control in anticipation of building a new arena;

compel owner Alex Meruelo to sell his team to investors who will keep it in Arizona;

relocate the club." - Frank Seravalli, via TVA Sports

In the case of the last option (that of relocation), the two targeted cities would be Salt Lake City and Quebec.

The check is ready for the Quebec Nordiques!

In the case of the Nordiques, Pierre-Karl Péladeau has recently reaffirmed his interest in bringing back the Nordiques. Philippe Boucher has added to that, and not just a little!

"There are people, there are already formed groups who have a check, who are ready to give to Gary Bettman.

I was told internally that there was a person... it might be Mr. Andlauer who bought the Senators in Ottawa. But a few years ago, I had met someone in Florida who had told me – he has already been very closely involved with the Montreal Canadiens; he advises very wealthy people – that it was realistic that we could have a team in Quebec in the coming years, that there were checks ready, that there were groups formed. But if the National League's will is not there, we won't have it."

- Philippe Boucher on FM93's microphone

Wow! They are very ready!

It remains unlikely, but if Bettman announces this weekend that the Arizona Coyotes are going to move, Quebec will already be 100% ready, and everything could be settled very quickly.

Quebec is certainly the most ready city.


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Huge announcement from Bettman: checks are ready for the return of the Nordiques and the relocation of the Coyotes seems possible

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