Photo of Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky and Cole Caufield
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Worrying announcement and bad news for Juraj Slafkovsky

Published February 18, 2024 at 10:39

We already had our doubts about Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, but now it's confirmed.

They must again miss today's mandatory practice session to receive treatment, so they are clearly not at 100%.

Fortunately, it doesn't show too much on the ice at the moment.

Juraj Slafkovsky too!

As if that wasn't enough, we've just learned that young Slafkovsky now also has to be absent!

See what the organization just announced.

«Forwards Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovsky, and Nick Suzuki will not participate in today's practice (treatment day).»

- Montreal Canadiens

This effectively means that none of the players from the first line are at 100% right now. Ouch.

Let's hope they can hold out until the end of the season, because let's just say the team would be pitiful without its first line...

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Worrying announcement and bad news for Juraj Slafkovsky

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