Roy could be the one sacrificed in order to move up in the draft

Elias Edmonson
May 17, 2024  (5:55 PM)

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A surprising trade proposal involving several elements, including Joshua Roy, was just raised on BPM Sports.

Since we learned the result of the draft lottery, speculations and discussions surrounding the CH's 5th overall selection have been fluctuating. Many are wondering what Kent Hughes will do with his pick, including BPM Sports hosts Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez.
During a recent edition of their midday show, the two buddies discussed the different options available to the club's management. The two men agreed on one thing: the CH absolutely must aim for Cayden Lindstrom.
"If the Canadiens don't come out of the draft with Lindstrom or Demidov, it would be a failure. Kent Hughes must do everything to select one of the two."

- Georges Laraque

The problem is that Lindstrom might not be available when Kent Hughes speaks. While the top 3 will almost certainly consist of Macklin Celebrini, Ivan Demidov, and Artyom Levshunov, it leaves room for the Columbus Blue Jackets, who have the 4th selection, to select the big center from the Medicine Hat Tigers of the Western Hockey League.

A trade involving Joshua Roy to secure Cayden Lindstrom? Georges Laraque's proposal

To counter this and ensure selecting Lindstrom, Kent Hughes might be tempted to move up one spot. But what is the price to pay for this small jump in the draft?
The two hosts stated that the 5th overall pick + the Jets' pick (late 1st round) might be sufficient and fair. However, Gonzalez would prefer the CH to give up a defenseman and keep the Jets' late pick. They then played a little game where Laraque improvised as the CH's GM and Gonzalez as the Blue Jackets' GM.
Gonzalez, acting as Columbus's GM, proposed Logan Mailloux, Cale Hutson, Arber Xhekaj, and Jayden Struble. Running out of suitable defensemen, GM Laraque changed his approach and proposed a young forward, Joshua Roy.
At that moment, Laraque gave in. He would be open to giving up his 5th pick and Joshua Roy to ensure obtaining Cayden Lindstrom.
COLUMBUS gives: 2024 1st round pick (4th overall)

MONTREAL gives: 2024 1st round pick (5th overall) + Joshua Roy

Returning to his role as host, Gonzalez admitted that Joshua Roy to move up just one spot in the draft was a steep price. He would either opt for a second-round pick or try to pass Filip Mesar. However, we do not know if Columbus could be tempted by this project!
This discussion, although fictional, allowed us to see that there are few precedents of this kind. Rarely have we seen trades at the beginning of the first round that involved moving up just one spot. Determining the value of this step is quite difficult!

Via HabsolumentFan - Georges Laraque se dit prêt à sacrifier Joshua Roy pour s'assurer Cayden Lindstrom au repêchage
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Roy could be the one sacrificed in order to move up in the draft

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