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REPORT: Insider confirms a big rumour regarding a big trade involving Josh Anderson

Published March 10, 2024 at 12:57

Now that the NHL trade deadline has passed, we can focus on the end of the Montreal Canadiens' season, an end of season that will be important for several players (young and old alike).

We particularly think of Josh Anderson, who will absolutely want to finish on a high note, as he has only scored 8 goals in 60 games (18 points).

This is far from the forward for whom Kent Hughes was supposedly receiving big trade offers last summer.

This is what several insiders reported, while the New Jersey Devils offered a 1st round pick to the Canadiens last June (in exchange for Anderson) according to some sources.

A 1st round pick from the Devils in exchange for Josh Anderson? Not so fast!

In a recent article, TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie has just claimed the opposite.

According to him, the rumors that suggested at the time that the CH was receiving incredible offers for the power forward were exaggerated.

The Canadiens would have never refused a first-round pick for Anderson, according to Renaud.

"As for the many rumors that have been circulating about Josh Anderson for years, contrary to speculation, I think that the Canadiens have never rejected a first-round pick for his services and I do not believe that the offers are numerous this year following his lack of success on the ice." - Renaud Lavoie

Yet, there were really several rumors indicating the opposite, but well, it would be reassuring to know that Hughes has never refused a 1st rd pick for Anderson.

That said, let's just hope he can bounce back because an Anderson at the top of his game can be an excellent asset for an organization.

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REPORT: Insider confirms a big rumour regarding a big trade involving Josh Anderson

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