Carey Price breaks silence and confirms a big rumour about his alcohol problems

Elias Edmonson
June 23, 2024  (12:41)

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The Montreal Canadiens goaltender, Carey Price, just gave a touching interview.

We are extremely surprised because number 31 is usually very private, especially regarding his personal life.

Carey Price breaks the silence in an interview on Brantt Myhres' podcast

Price agreed to an interview with the former hockey player, and he opened up about his past struggles. Wow, what courage.
Carey has spent the last few years working on himself to overcome his demons, and after announcing a few years ago that he had a problem with alcohol consumption, today, he is doing much better.
What great news!
He mentions himself that he is in a much better state of mind and that his health is much improved.
Carey Price, 36, just celebrated his two years of sobriety, and it was in this context that he gave a touching 45-minute interview to talk about his personal battle.
You go through several stages. It's new, it's exciting. After a while, you think «oh man...». You know, everyone around you is drinking and having a good time. You create new habits.

When you fish, you have a beer. When you camp, you have a cooler. You play golf, everything is in the cart. All these things, you have to find new ways to do them,» said the winningest goaltender in the history of the Habs.

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Carey Price also confirmed that it was after the intense stress of the 2021 Stanley Cup Final that his problems really worsened.
»The whole team was great, he said about the Canadiens. ''Bergevin too. We had a long and emotional conversation. What was said will stay between us, but it all came from the heart.» - Carey Price

It's worth noting that Price is now an unofficial retiree from the National Hockey League due to serious knee problems.
In this interview, he also mentioned that despite the intense pain he endured daily (especially during the 2021 playoffs), he never abused painkillers.
«I've always been good at managing medication because it can kill you. I've always been a bit reckless, but not that reckless.» - Carey Price

It's really an inspiring interview, honestly.
Today, Carey is extremely happy to simply live a quiet, healthy life and to be a present father for his children as well as a devoted husband to his wife, Angela Price.
« How many days of my life have I wasted feeling like that? Now, I wake up on Sunday mornings to make breakfast for my kids and to be a present father. I'm very grateful for that,» added Carey Price.

An interview we highly recommend.
Bravo, Carey!
Here's the link to the full episode.

Credit: TVA Sports
Carey Price s'ouvre sur ses deux ans de sobriété.
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Carey Price breaks silence and confirms a big rumour about his alcohol problems

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