We finally know why Martin St-Louis decided to leave Jordan Harris out of the Habs lineup

Jeff Drouin
April 18, 2022  (9:40 PM)

Once again this weekend, young defenceman Jordan Harris had to skip his turn and was left out of the line-up.

Many wonder why.
The youngster is playing well, showing a lot of maturity and patience in his game, and is showing a lot of promise.
Despite this, he has been out of the lineup a few times in the last ten days, including two nights in a row.
Well today, we finally know why Martin St-Louis decided to leave Jordan Harris out of the CH lineup (a few times).
It's not to punish the kid or because Harris played poorly, far from it. There are some good reasons for these decisions, as Christian Matte (Marqueur.com) reports.
First, St. Louis really believes in learning from the youngsters, analyzing games from the stands. Basically, Jordan Harris can really benefit from analyzing a few games, after being in the thick of NHL action.
Secondly, Brian Wilde reminds us that Harris has pretty much already secured his position for next season:
"If you watch Harris play, you'll agree with that. Unless something strange happens in the off-season, Harris has a position secured for next fall. He skates smoothly. He has slowed the game down well. He makes thoughtful plays. He's been very impressive." - Brian Wilde

So instead, St. Louis is allowing the other two defensemen to make their mark and earn a spot for next season:
"Schueneman has been a pleasant surprise this year, but what about next season? He makes the league minimum salary and is a restricted free agent. The Canadiens have to decide his value to the organization, and it's not set in stone. He'll get an offer, but at what price and for how many seasons?"

"The decision to be made regarding Chris Wideman is even more difficult. He has helped the power play and shown good offensive skills. There aren't many who can fill his role. However, Wideman is 32 years old and may not be in the team's plans next year. He may have to finish with a bang to secure a bid from Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton." - Brian Wilde

So here's why Jordan Harris is being passed over these days in favor of guys like Schueneman and Wideman. While he learns by analyzing games, the other two get a great opportunity to prove themselves. (whereas Harris will have plenty of opportunities next season)
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We finally know why Martin St-Louis decided to leave Jordan Harris out of the Habs lineup

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