Two sources reveal what the CH may receive in exchange for Christian Dvorak and it's quite a surprise

Jeff Drouin
August 24, 2022  (7:01 PM)

Since Sean Monahan was acquired from the Calgary Flames, there has been some congestion among the Habs' forwards.

Even though Kent Hughes announced that Carey Price's name would be placed on the long-term injured list and that his $10.5 million salary should be available on the payroll, it is obvious that a forward will have to be sacrificed by the start of the season.
Among the players recently mentioned as being part of a possible trade is Christian Dvorak. Even if he had a great end of season under Martin St-Louis, the number 28 could very likely leave after only one season in Montreal.
One would expect that his late season performance would make him a good value on the market, but as reported by Raphaël Simard of Danslescoulisses.com, it would appear that this is not the case at all.
According to two well-placed NHL sources, Dvorak would not be worth more than a fourth round pick, at best, a third. Wow. That's quite a surprise and quite a disappointment.
At this price, we're keeping him:
One of those sources mentioned that even though Dvorak has improved his game at the end of the season, he's only a third center making a $4.45 million annual salary.
"With the CH, he's exactly that, a third-line player, so I can't imagine him on a team like Tampa or Colorado."

As for the other source, he was a bit more positive, though he didn't mention what Dvorak's value might be.
"If he plays well on 200 feet, he can be very effective and I think he can alternate between the second and third trio."

Let's just say we're pretty far from a player we've already implicated in several possible trade scenarios with a certain Pierre-Luc Dubois.
It is always possible for Kent Hughes to involve the number 28 in a transaction, but we must admit that his value will not be so much up during the season because he will still have two more years of contract after the 2022-2023 season.
Note that we are talking about Dvorak's value as of today, but that can change quickly.
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Two sources reveal what the CH may receive in exchange for Christian Dvorak and it's quite a surprise

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