Trevor Timmins left the Montreal Canadiens a great gift

Jeff Drouin
January 7, 2022  (10:40)

Trevor Timmins has been criticized for many years for holding back bad shots and not recognizing majestic shots. I leave you to simmer to spread the top-3 of Mr.Timmins' best moves during his long stay with the Montreal organization.

For my part, I will focus on Sean Farrell, who, in my view, remains Timmins' biggest steal during his reign.
The Canadiens' 2020 4th-round pick has 17 points on the clock (in just 12 games) in his first season in the NCAA, with Harvard University. It's a huge crop!
In an interview with Jean-François Chaumont of the Journal de Montréal, Farrell also demonstrated his great maturity. He is an excessively mature 20-year-old and dedicated to breaking into the Canadiens' lineup in the near future.
«I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize that I am a student and a hockey player at Harvard. I play my sport and study in one of the best schools in the world. There are incredibly smart students here. I worked hard in high school to get good grades.» - Farrell
On the ice, how's it going for him?
«I expected a pretty good production. I always had confidence in my game, especially offensively. My goal was to generate several scoring chances for my team. There are games where it really clicks offensively. We can score multiple goals and win big games.» - Farrell
What does his coach think of him?
«I can use him as much on the power play as on the penalty kill and he can even end up in the center and the right wing. Sean is a very intelligent and competitive young man. We really trust him and he has earned our trust. He's not just good offensively.» - Ted Donato
To conclude, remember this name: SEAN FARRELL. We will replay in two or three years (maximum), OK?
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