The relationship between Petry and Ducharme is in question

Published November 16, 2021 at 9:25

Jeff Petry is off to the worst start of his career, and he really doesn't seem to be in the mood. There is definitely something wrong, something that is bothering him, something that is paralyzing him and preventing him from playing at full capacity.

Is he injured? Is he under too much pressure? The answer to both of these questions may be "yes", but one thing that is becoming more and more apparent is the growing distance between Dominique Ducharme and himself. According to "JiC", Petry no longer seems happy in Montreal because of (perhaps) the system advocated by Dominique Ducharme.

"Petry is brooding, that's clear. He looks like an unhappy guy. He's scrappy in his zone, lousy at offensive production."

Does Petry have beef with Dominique Ducharme? Or is it towards his system?

"Petry is too important to the defensive equation not to get his act together very quickly. But does he want to in this jersey, in this system?" said JiC.

If Jean-Charles' speculations ever prove to be true, Bergevin will have to start a dance with his counterparts in an effort to conclude his few steps with a trade involving #26...

It would be unfortunate, but it may be the way to go for the Montreal Canadiens.
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