The names of two NHL players involved in the Hockey Canada scandal have just been revealed and handed over to the police

Jeff Drouin
August 25, 2022  (2:54 PM)

CBC recently reported that Halifax police now have the names of at least two members of the 2003 World Junior Hockey Team who may have appeared in an alleged group sexual assault video nearly two decades ago.

Two names have finally been released to police.
A person who was shown a video of the alleged 2003 incident said he reported the identities of two players he recognized in the video in a recent interview with police. The source said he told Halifax police that he recognized the 2003 World Junior player holding the camera at the beginning of the video because he was holding the camera to his face.
"[The video] made my stomach hurt. I knew what I was watching was wrong."

"I recognized two of the players and both of them had NHL careers." - Anonymous source

Earlier this summer, a woman came forward to say that she had been gang raped by members of the 2003 Canadian World Junior team. According to Rick Westhead's report, we have uncovered allegations that more than half a dozen players on the 2003 World Junior team were recorded during the tournament having sex with a naked, insensitive woman.
The details of this assault have been revealed and are bloodcurdling... While one of these players was penetrating the woman, the others were standing around the woman masturbating and appeared to be waiting their turn, the source said.
"Her head was just turned to the side and she was not active." - Anonymous source

The news came as Hockey Canada was already investigating allegations of sexual assault in 2018 in an incident featuring eight members of the country's 2018 World Junior Team following a gala in London, Ontario.
In the wake of the new scandal, several members of the 2003 squad have come forward to deny their involvement in the allegations. Most said they were not even aware of the allegations until they became public last month. Former NHL players Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau, Carlo Colaiacovo, Dan Paille and Jordin Tootoo have all cleared their names, but Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury declined to comment on the allegations when confronted by Quebec newspaper La Presse earlier this month. Scottie Upshall, meanwhile, has called for an investigation.
With its revenue streams cut off by its major sponsors, Hockey Canada recently made a seemingly desperate move by approaching them to assess whether ousting some senior executives and board members would be enough to regain their support and sponsorship money. It appears, however, that much more will be required if the Federation wishes to renew its partnership with these large corporations...
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The names of two NHL players involved in the Hockey Canada scandal have just been revealed and handed over to the police

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