Surprising official statement from the NHL involving Juraj Slafkovsky and Alex Newhook

Published October 23, 2023 at 9:52 PM

It's brand new! The National Hockey League has just publicly unveiled all-new advanced statistics, notably on certain players from the Montreal Canadiens.

These statistics have allowed us to see that the CH has two players in the top 10 for the most powerful shots in the league. Indeed, as mentioned in a recent article, Arber Xhekaj (99.76 mph) is in sixth place, while Mike Matheson (97.67 mph) is ranked 10th.

Another rather interesting fact, we learn that Juraj Slafkovsky is faster than Alex Newhook. The latter was however known for his speed, while the young Slovakian from CH was often criticized for his slowness.

What a pleasant surprise!

If both players are above the average speed (21.31 mph), we see that Slafkovsky far exceeds it with his 22.64 mph. The young man, now 19 years old, is indeed in the 94th percentile in this regard.

We can therefore say that Slaffy' summer training was effective. He worked hard to improve his lung capacity. He even managed to improve it by nearly 20%! Coupled with his weight loss of 8 pounds compared to last season, we now see the results.

These new statistics will be on the NHL Edge site the day after the games. To capture all of this, the league uses 14 infrared cameras positioned above the ice and chips inserted into the players' jerseys and the puck. You will therefore be able to see the location of shots, the distance traveled, and the time spent in each of the three zones.
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Surprising official statement from the NHL involving Juraj Slafkovsky and Alex Newhook

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