Montreal Canadiens prospect learns French

Published July 30, 2021 at 1:34 PM

Jean-Sébastien Dea will join Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Joel Teasdale and the group of Quebec players that the Montreal Canadiens have added to the Laval Rocket and the Trois-Rivières Lions. Within the big club, David Savard, Cedric Paquette, Mathieu Perreault and Jonathan Drouin will be the representatives of Quebec. We want guys who speak French for the population and for the image of the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Let's just say that the criticism during the last playoffs, that Danault was the only Quebecer in uniform, certainly tickled Mr. Geoff Molson, a man who listens to his public. Molson has great values and I remain convinced that during a meeting, he firmly indicated to his hockey men to put emphasis on the French language (Quebecers). With good reason!

All this leads me to this statement by Dmitri Kostenko, the one who was selected in the 87th round by the Montreal Canadiens. The Russian stated that he already had a Zoom call with the Montreal Canadiens. He was told to learn to speak French, and then he said he already knew a bit of the language. He said he will continue to learn it, as does his compatriot Alexander Romanov.

Honestly, I like it. Am I the one advocating that the Habs be overflowing with Quebec players? No. But when there are and when I see the Habs working in that direction, it shows me how committed this team is to its people and its fans.
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