Kent Hughes just confirmed a big rumor and a trade involving Samuel Montembeault is officially off the table

Elias Edmonson
January 10, 2024  (9:36)

Photo of Kent Hughes
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Monday evening, Kent Hughes was a guest on the show "L'Antichambre" on RDS to answer questions from panelists. It didn't take long for the topic of goaltenders to come up.

The GM was then asked if there was a possibility that the CH would end the season with three goalies. The principal party did not hide and affirmed that it would be a possibility, but ideally, one of the goalies would leave the organization by March 8th.
«There is a possibility that we finish the season with three goalies, but that is not the goal» - Kent Hughes

It's official: forget about a trade for Montembeault, even at a very high price!

Regarding who will leave, Hughes was clear. It will definitely not be Samuel Montembeault.
«We wouldn't have signed Sam if we wanted to trade him! It would have been much easier to trade him without a contract.» - Kent Hughes

The GM also mentioned that the organization wanted to be sure of having confirmed Montembeault's services for several seasons before trading a goalie. He did not want to risk trading a goalie and then lose Monty next summer to end up with only one netminder in the ranks.

Hughes confirms the rumor that he is working to trade a goalie currently

It is understood that Hughes is now working to get rid of a goalie, but the market is currently slow on this subject. No goalie has yet been traded, the GM also reminded the panelists.
Here are some other interesting topics that were discussed by the CH's manager.
David Reinbacher
«David had a difficult start. He was injured early in the year. What he is realizing is that sometimes when you are chosen as high as fifth overall, you want to do everything. You want to be Bobby Orr and the best defensive defenseman at the same time. It's just a matter of continuing to understand what his identity is. We talked with his coach, and he told us that the last three games have been his best of the season. We are also looking forward to David joining us.» - Kent Hughes

Lane Hutson
«In Lane's case, there was a big goal which was to win gold with the United States; that's now done. He is tackling winning a national championship [in the NCAA] and we are letting him focus on that. But it's certain that he is a player of great talent, and we look forward to him being part of the organization.» - Kent Hughes

Joshua Roy
«We saw in the junior ranks his extraordinary sense of the game. He was able to demonstrate some aspects of his game at the Junior World Championship as well. Now, can he do it 82 games a year?» - Kent Hughes

Logan Mailloux
«I think that for about ten or fifteen games, we have seen great progress in Logan. It may have been more difficult than he expected, but that's natural. He is a 6-foot-4 athlete with talent and good skating. He had a lot of success in London, but he comes here, and he has to defend too.» - Kent Hughes

Jayden Struble
«I must admit that I too am surprised [that Struble has imposed himself so quickly in the NHL]. I have seen Jayden play since he was 10 years old. (...) He played at the prep school level with my boys and was roommates with one of them for four years. We knew the talent, but you never know before they arrive in the NHL if the young player is ready for the pressure. We started by thinking we would give him fifteen minutes and see how he reacts. (...) [His performance] gives us options, and that's always positive for an organization.» - Kent Hughes

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Kent Hughes just confirmed a big rumor and a trade involving Samuel Montembeault is officially off the table

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