Juraj Slafkovsky vs Brad Marchand: Hughes Reportedly Hit a Huge Home Run with the Acquisition of the Big Slovak

Elias Edmonson
January 18, 2024  (10:55 PM)

Photo of Brad Marchand and Juraj Slafkovsky
Photo credit: Daily Faceoff/ Montreal gazette

We would like to dedicate this text to the experts at Sportsnet, who earlier this week mentioned that Juraj Slafkovsky should play on the fourth line or in the American Hockey League (AHL).

There's a lot of talk about the rapid progression of Slafkovsky, who is increasingly establishing himself as a first-line NHL player, but here's a good one.
How dominant has the young Slovak been in recent weeks? To this extent! Here are some striking statistics.

Juraj Slafkovsky more productive than Brad Marchand at 5 on 5

Slafkovsky in the last 2 months:

27 games
— 5 goals
— 14 points (43pt pace)
— 12 evp (1st on Habs)
— more 5v5 points than Brad Marchand
— 50.23 5v5 xGF% (3rd from Habs forwards)

He's still a 19 year old btw.

Via Big Head Hockey.
And let's remember that he hasn't even had a full season under his belt yet.
He's progressing very quickly and we love it! Imagine if he hadn't missed half a season of development last year due to injury.
Anyway, we're starting to realize that his potential is very interesting.
The most striking statistic in our opinion, apart from the fact that he's been the best Habs forward at five-on-five for the past two months, is to note that for the past two months, he has more even-strength points than Brad Marchand. Wow.
Marchand has accumulated 41 points in 43 games this season, after producing at rates of 94, 107,102,104, and 103 points per season for several years.
We're not saying Slafkovsky will soon be a 100-point per season player, but let's just say it's extremely encouraging for the future.
It looks like Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens made a big move by deciding to draft the young Slovak first overall in 2022.
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Juraj Slafkovsky vs Brad Marchand: Hughes Reportedly Hit a Huge Home Run with the Acquisition of the Big Slovak

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