It would already be the end for Logan Mailloux with the Montreal Canadiens

Jeff Drouin
May 31, 2022  (8:30 PM)

We told you about it a few hours ago, today, the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, was present at a press conference and he was asked about Logan Mailloux's future with the CH.

The Tricolore's GM was very clear:
"General Manager Kent Hughes says the team has no intention of negotiating a contract with Logan Mailloux (this summer), as the organization still values Mailloux as a person and a member of the community."

- Priyanta Emrith

On the other hand, there is some news. As reported by Charles-Alexis Brisebois (DLC.com), reporter Brian Wilde has issued an important statement:
"I hear Mailloux won't be offered a contract. Trade him. If you can't handle him, then you have to trade him. If you reject him, you reduce his value because you make the next team that wants to acquire him look bad.

I'm not convinced of how they handle that." - Brian Wilde

And he makes sure to mention that his publication is 100% hockey related.
In any case, I'm taking away the phrases "I hear Mailloux won't be offered a contract" and "you have to trade him". It seems like a really unexpected outcome to this whole story.
In any case, this seems to be the end (before it really started) for Mailloux with the Montreal Canadiens.
What do you think?
In the end, after all the heated discussions surrounding Marc Bergevin's selection of the young defenseman in 2021, Mailloux may never wear a Montreal Canadiens uniform (or a Laval Rocket uniform).
"When I listen to Kent Hughes talk about Logan Mailloux, I have a strong feeling that the kid will never be offered a contract with the #CH!

To think that another Logan (Stankoven) was always available at that position and is currently dominating the WHL series with 30 points!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

What would you do with the young Mailloux? Trade him? Sign him? Simply let him go without signing him?
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