Insider David Pagnotta Unveils Major Scoop on Sean Monahan's Future with Canadiens, Ending Speculation

Elias Edmonson
December 23, 2023  (6:55 PM)

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At the start of the campaign, there was a debate on social media and among hockey analysts about what the CH should do with Sean Monahan. While many absolutely wanted to see him leave at the next trade deadline, others would like to see him stay long-term with the club.

According to what David Pagnotta of TheFourthPeriod reports, the CH would be more inclined to lean towards the second option, that of extending the veteran.
A scoop from Pagnotta and we love it!
This is likely to put an end to trade rumors.
Although he had a good start to the season, Monahan has slowed down a bit recently. He has, as Marc-Olivier Cook of DLC reminds us, spent three weeks (November 12 to December 2) without scoring a point. Since the end of this sequence, he has accumulated 6 points, including 3 goals, in 7 games.
Kent Hughes seems to think that the veteran's contribution for the next few years will be more beneficial than a high draft pick acquired by trading him. Especially when we know that this pick will take several years to reach its peak while Monahan is currently in it. The club's management seems to be betting that Monahan, despite his injury history, will be an impact player for another 2, 3, or even 4 years.
In recent months, we have often said that the CH will sooner or later need to acquire a veteran to move to the next stage of its rebuild. Kent Hughes seems to already have this player in his ranks and could focus on another aspect to improve, such as his goalies.
It is certain that Monahan could still be fragile in the coming years, given his medical history. But just imagine if he manages to stay healthy and maintain the pace. Taking a chance with him in the medium to long term could be very rewarding!
And it seems that the main party involved greatly likes the city and the organization after having accepted a very low contract extension. Why wouldn't he agree to stay at a lower price?
It is certain that Hughes could take another gamble, trading him and then re-sign him this summer. But this tactic, which has often been proposed in the past for other players, is certainly not a guarantee of success. There are too many uncertainties between the trade deadline and the opening of the free agency market. So why not take advantage of his current interest in staying and sign him now?
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Insider David Pagnotta Unveils Major Scoop on Sean Monahan's Future with Canadiens, Ending Speculation

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