Incredible story: It's because of Mike Bossy that Cole Caufield shoots right

Jeff Drouin
April 15, 2022  (7:52 PM)

It is with sadness that we learned this Friday of the death of Mike Bossy at the age of 65.

The former New York Islanders star was not only one of the best natural goal scorers in NHL history, but also a man who was well liked by all and tributes to Bossy have been pouring in since the announcement of his passing.
But did you know that the former Islanders' number 22 may have indirectly influenced a player in the current edition of the Canadiens?
As reported by Arpon Basu of The Athletic, Cole Caufield's father, Paul, had an idol as a teenager in the 1980s named Mike Bossy.
He later played his college hockey with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, where he was a solid scorer, as evidenced by his 126 goals in 148 games.
Caufield admired the Islanders player, not only because he was a good scorer, but also because he was right-handed. And like his idol, Caufield also shot from the right side.
But Basu goes even further to say that Paul Caufield wanted his son to be able to pitch right-handed and even arranged for Cole to become a right-handed player.
Because, he says, it's easier to score a goal when you're throwing from the right because most goalies catch with their left hand and a right-handed player has a direct line to the top of the net on the mitt side. This technique is more difficult for a left-handed player to do according to Caufield.
And he's not entirely wrong because of the top 20 goal scorers in NHL history, 13 were right handed, as opposed to 7 who threw from the left.
If you boil it down, Cole Caufield is right-handed (in large part) because of the great Mike Bossy. And also, thanks to his father, who obviously saw right through it.
By the way, you can check out that list by clicking here.
Fortunately for him, his wish came true and his son is now one of the best natural mavericks in one of the most prestigious organizations in the NHL.
And ironically, Cole Caufiled proudly wears the number 22, just like his father's idol.
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Incredible story: It's because of Mike Bossy that Cole Caufield shoots right

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