Habs and Flames trade: Kent Hughes would have made a great deal by now and Sean Monahan offers two great options

Jeff Drouin
October 23, 2022  (7:46 PM)

When the Habs acquired Sean Monahan at the end of last summer, many hockey fans wondered what Kent Hughes' motivation was for picking up a forward who had slowed down considerably over the past three seasons.

In addition, the former Flames forward arrived in Montreal with a salary of $6.3 million for the 2022-2023 season and as we know, the Habs were caught in the salary cap.
Finally, we quickly understood that the transaction with the Flames was in some way to do a favor to the DG Brad Treliving, so that he could sign a contract to the free agent Nazem Kadri.
But let's just say that, for now, Hughes' gamble to bring Monahan to his team is paying off, as he has played some excellent hockey so far this season. In the opening game he scored a big goal and on Monday he set up Kirby Dach's game-winning goal in overtime.
On top of that, he's had the chance to play on the same line as Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield for the past few games. Not bad for a player who was said to be finished!
Jean-François Chaumont, journalist for the Journal de Montréal, spoke with the Canadiens' number 91 and the key to his success this year is quite simple:
"I'm healthy, I didn't have that luxury in the last few seasons. There are times when I had trouble skating because of my hips. It's a big factor for me to be healthy.

I was also happy with the deal, it was a good thing for me. I'm having fun with the Habs."

If Monahan was ever able to keep up the pace, Chaumont mentions that he could become an interesting piece of coin for Hughes by the trade deadline. So he could be worth a first-round pick or a quality prospect to the Habs. Wow!
In fact, considering that Monahan didn't cost Kent Hughes anything, this could be a real hit on his part.
Whether Monahan stays in Montreal and contributes to the club's future success, or is traded for another first round pick, it's a great deal for Kent Hughes.
But before you claim victory, just mention that there are only a few games played so far this season.
So far, which way do you lean? Sign Monahan again, or trade him for another first round pick?
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Habs and Flames trade: Kent Hughes would have made a great deal by now and Sean Monahan offers two great options

Trade or keep Monahan long term?

Trade for a 1st or 2nd rd pick13039.4 %
Keep long term20060.6 %
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