Gary Bettman just received a letter with bad news

Published June 13, 2022 at 2:38

We told you about it at the beginning of the month, the rumor had started to circulate and it is now confirmed!

The Commissioner of the National Hockey League, Gary Bettman, has just received a letter to inform him that he is officially losing one of his biggest sponsors.

This could hurt the league's wallet and bargaining power, Bettman just lost a massive source of revenue.

It will all depend on the new deal that is signed, and the new partner (if there is one), but one thing is for sure, we would be very surprised if this next deal pays as well as the one with Gatorade.

And yes, it's confirmed. It's officially the Gatorade company, which has made a big decision and has clearly indicated that it is ending its association with the NHL.

Gatorade will not renew its huge contract with the NHL, after many seasons of partnership.

"Gatorade has decided to end its partnership with the NHL in order to focus on women's sports and its NIL deals." - Sportico

The partnership began in 2010. We'll miss those famous green Gatorade bottles.


Who do you think will take over? Powerade?

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Gary Bettman just received a letter with bad news

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