Fans' expectations are not in the right place for Artturi Lehkonen

Published November 12, 2021 at 8:09 PM

On Thursday night, we shared a video of Artturi Lehkonen throwing a pitch and not getting a hit. Earlier this week, during a practice, he missed the net after a shot on landing.

As fans, we tend to be shocked at Lehkonen when he is unable to capitalize. He's always working like crazy, never stopping, but he's not a born maverick.

Guy Boucher, on the "On Jase" podcast, brought to order those who denigrate the Finn. For Boucher, people focus on the 5 or 10% of the deficiencies, which fully distorts the expectations of the warrior.

"Lehko" is not there to bring in statistics, but to inspire his teammates with his hard work. He and Jake Evans remain a good part of the group's work ethic and hard work identity, as my buddy Christian Matte made clear.

It takes all kinds of leaders to form a unit, when the team is running square, it's Lehkonen and Evans that retain some of the team's identity. Then, in the end, they end up influencing their teammates.

Boucher says we need to focus on the 90% that these guys do well, which will put the expectations on them in the right place. Scorers are a dime a dozen in the group, so let's focus on the good stuff.
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