Coach Dominique Ducharme had a lot to say about Carey Price, and it's extremely positive

Published August 19, 2023 at 6:58 PM

Former Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme has recently been hired as an assistant coach with the Vegas Golden Knights.

As reported by Marc-Olivier Cook of, Ducharme was a guest on the Tellement Hockey podcast on Radio-Canada a few weeks ago, where he discussed his team's unlikely journey to the Stanley Cup Final in 2021.

Quite interestingly, Ducharme was the last coach to eliminate the Golden Knights in the playoffs, and as he mentioned, this fact was part of the discussions leading to his hiring by the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

"It was part of the discussions. Certainly, it had a positive impact on why they hired me (with them)," he said.

But to return to his team's journey in 2021, he also mentioned receiving significant support from none other than Carey Price.

When he was named interim head coach in the winter of 2021, replacing Claude Julien, Ducharme had to adapt to his new role. After introducing himself to the team in his new capacity, his veteran goaltender gave him a wink and a handshake after his speech.

This undoubtedly boosted his confidence for the road ahead, reassuring him that no matter what challenges lay ahead, his players would stand behind him and respect him. This gesture from his veterans also underscores the significance of a player like Carey Price in a team's locker room.

Unfortunately for Ducharme, his tenure with the Canadiens came to an end a year later when the new general manager, Kent Hughes, replaced him with Martin St-Louis.

In conclusion, it's likely that the majority of Canadiens fans are pleased to see that after a setback, Ducharme has found another coaching position within the NHL. This demonstrates his excellence in the realm of hockey.

Best of luck, Dominique, with the Golden Knights!

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Coach Dominique Ducharme had a lot to say about Carey Price, and it's extremely positive

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