Chantal Machabée explains why she thinks Shea Weber has been hard headed

Jeff Drouin
April 30, 2022  (12:21)

It was on Saturday morning that the Habs organization was drawing up its balance sheet for the 2021-2022 season.

A historic season, in a way, not only because of the fact that the team finished last in the overall standings, but also with all the changes that occurred within the management.
As reported by my colleague Christian Matte of Marqueur.com, Chantal Machabée was on 91.9 Sports and when asked by host Louis-Philippe Guy if Shea Weber was finally going to speak to the media, the new V.P. of communications for the Habs wanted to temper expectations.
"Since I arrived, it's been a lot of talk. I wanted and still want Shea to address the fans. It's a pretty complicated issue. Does he want to come and talk to the media about it? I don't think so, I've gotten a no from the beginning."

Why isn't he talking?
"I want Shea to talk, but I've received a no from the beginning." - Chantal Machabée

Even Gilbert Delorme chimed in: he mentioned that #6 is still a member of the organization and that it's his duty to talk to reporters.
This whole situation is still quite delicate and, personally, I believe that the Canadiens fans would have deserved, in this season of misery, some comments from their captain. His attitude has been strongly criticized by many members of the media and we have the right to wonder what the organization's plan is regarding Weber's future.
Again this morning, Weber was absent from the debriefing. We are told (Chantal also mentioned it) that he doesn't want to have to walk on eggshells and he doesn't want to have to be extremely careful about what he says.
To hear Chantal Machabée's appearance on 91.9 Sports, click below.
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