Angela Price expressed her thoughts on Marc Bergevin's departure

Jeff Drouin
January 13, 2022  (4:38 PM)

Carey Price's wife, Angela, is very generous with her time. She often takes the time to answer questions from fans with great transparency.

On Thursday, she took the time to do just that. She talked about Marc Bergevin's departure and the importance of mental health in the Price family.
For the Price family, since Carey took over, mental health is an extremely important issue. An aspect that was really neglected in the past.
"The last few months have been filled with reflection and I realize now that mental health should have been considered a priority inside our house in the last few years."
"Since Carey's return we are still learning our new normal and making our mental health a priority. I went to my first real one-on-one therapy session a few weeks ago and I'm excited to have started couples therapy with Carey, so we can navigate this new normal together."
Little did the wife of No. 31 know that her husband was in such a state of mind when he went for knee surgery in New York.
"I I guess I had noticed things were not great for the last few years, but didn't know how bad things were until Carey and I went to New York this summer for his knee surgery. I touched on the subject and all the stress we were under at that time in my previous life update blog post, which you can read here. I obviously knew it was a tense time, but had no idea it was part of a spiral that would ultimately lead to such a huge life change for us."
The latter admitted to struggling with the firing of Marc Bergevin, who was a cornerstone, as far as her life partner's healing process.
"Luckily, I was able to speak with Marc Bergevin who had also been the person within the organization that Carey confided in when all of this went down in the first place. Although, once that passed, I started feeling really lost in how to navigate things. I was sad to see Berg let go, because we had gained so much respect for him during all of this. I felt like he genuinely cared about our circumstances and was in our corner; he seemed to understand what Carey and our family needed.."
This only confirms what we already knew, Carey Price and Marc Bergevin had a very special bond.
This was evident during the last playoffs when the two men hugged each other and Bergevin talked about the problems surrounding the 34-year-old goalie last fall. The former Habs GM even shed some tears when he gave an update on Carey.
A beautiful love story between the Price family and Marc Bergevin, which is likely to last, even if the 56-year-old is now in Los Angeles.
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