A trade is taking shape between the Canadiens and the Penguins and it involves Jeff Petry

Jeff Drouin
June 25, 2022  (9:37 PM)

With the National Hockey League draft in Montreal fast approaching, the trade market is likely to get busy very soon.

Among the names that are definitely worth keeping an eye on with the Montreal Canadiens is that of veteran defenseman Jeff Petry.
Petry, 34, has 27 points in 68 games this season and 42 points in 55 games last year. He earns $6.25 million per year until 2025.
Recall that he asked to be traded earlier this season and that Kent Hughes openly admitted he was willing to trade him, but for the right offer only. (as for Petry's trade request, it's not clear if he withdrew it or not)
One thing is certain, there is news.
According to Marco D'Amico's information, the Pittsburgh Penguins have recently shown interest in acquiring Jeff Petry.
What's interesting is that, on their side, they would have put the name of young promising defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph on the market.
Why? Joseph will now be eligible for the NHL ballot and moreover, behind Letang (possibly), Marino, Dumoulin, Matheson, Pettersson and company... The Pittsburgh Penguins will have no room for him in their lineup next year. (especially if they go for a veteran like Petry)
So, in summary:
1- Jeff Petry is on the trade market
2- Pierre-Olivier Joseph is on the trade market
3- The Penguins are interested in Jeff Petry
Well, in addition, we just learned that (according to Dan Kingerski), the Canadiens are interested in Joseph.
We're starting to get a recipe for a clear trade between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadiens.
The basis would be:
Jeff Petry (in Pittsburgh) vs. P-O Joseph (in Montreal), but there would likely be other elements involved.
Would you make this type of trade?
Joseph, drafted 23rd overall by the Arizona Coyotes in 2017, has had a good first few games in the NHL. He had five points in 16 games in his first year with the Penguins (he was involved in the trade that brought Phil Kessel to Arizona from Pittsburgh)
This season, the Laval native has been solid in the AHL with 33 points including 10 goals in 61 games.
More details to follow!
Credit: Fanadiens.com

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A trade is taking shape between the Canadiens and the Penguins and it involves Jeff Petry

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